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Apple iMac 20 C2D-2.4GHZ 50,8 см (20") Intel® Core™2 Duo 1 ГБ DDR2-SDRAM 320 ГБ Білий

Загальноприйнята торгова марка виробника, за допомогою якої споживач пізнає продукт. Виробник може мати декілька брендових імен. Деякі виробники дають дозвіл на використання своїх брендових імен іншим постачальникам.
Сімейство продуктів:
Сімейство продукта це узагальнена торгова марка бренда, використовується для позначення дуже широкого спектру продуктів, які охоплюють декілька категорій. Ми вказуємо сімейство продукта у назві продукта Icecat.
Назва моделі:
Product name is a brand's identification of a product, often a model name, but not totally unique as it can include some product variants. Product name is a key part of the Icecat product title on a product data-sheet.
IMAC 20 C2D-2.4GHZ
Код продукту :
Унікальний ідентифікатор продукта бренда. Декілька кодів продукта можуть бути об'єднані в один оригінальний код продукта, якщо специфікації ідентичні. Ми виконуємо зв'язок невірних кодів, надійшовших з інших джерел.
Категорія Моноблоки
Якість опису: стандартизовано Icecat
Якість специфікацій може мати декілька рівнів:
імпортовано тільки логістичні дані: у нас є тільки основні дані, імпортовані постачальником, стандартизована специфікація ще не створена редактором
створено Apple: специфікацію продукту було імпортовано з офіційного джерела виробника, і не було стандартизовано редактопом Icecat.
стандартизовано Icecat: специфікацію було створено або стандартизовано командою редакторiв Icecat.
Кількість переглядів: 4940
Ця статистика ґрунтується на 84599 завантаженях карточки товару сайтами e-commerce (інтернет-магазини, дистриб'ютори, сайти зрiвняння цiн, електроннi системи закупiвель, тощо) з Open Icecat каталог містить картки опису товарiв брендів-спонсорів, які використовуються серед 82662 користувачів.
Інформацію змінено: 04 кві 2019 08:13:18
Дата останньої зміни інформації продукта в системі Icecat.
Короткий підсумковий опис Apple iMac 20 C2D-2.4GHZ 50,8 см (20") Intel® Core™2 Duo 1 ГБ DDR2-SDRAM 320 ГБ Білий:
Цей короткий підсумок Apple iMac 20 C2D-2.4GHZ 50,8 см (20") Intel® Core™2 Duo 1 ГБ DDR2-SDRAM 320 ГБ Білий опису сформован автоматично та використовує назву продукта та перші шість основних специфікацій.

Apple iMac IMAC 20 C2D-2.4GHZ, 50,8 см (20"), Intel® Core™2 Duo, 1 ГБ, 320 ГБ, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Білий

Сумарний опис Apple iMac 20 C2D-2.4GHZ 50,8 см (20") Intel® Core™2 Duo 1 ГБ DDR2-SDRAM 320 ГБ Білий:
Це автоматично сформований загальний підсумок Apple iMac 20 C2D-2.4GHZ 50,8 см (20") Intel® Core™2 Duo 1 ГБ DDR2-SDRAM 320 ГБ Білий оснований на перших трьох специфікаціях, перших п'яти специфікацій груп.

Apple iMac IMAC 20 C2D-2.4GHZ. Діагональ дисплею: 50,8 см (20"). Родина процесорів: Intel® Core™2 Duo, Тактова частота процесора: 2,4 ГГц. Оперативна пам'ять: 1 ГБ, Тип внутрішньої пам'яті: DDR2-SDRAM. Повний об'єм зберігання: 320 ГБ. Модель дискретного графічного адаптера: AMD Radeon HD 2600 Pro. Операційна система, яку встановлено: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Колір продукту: Білий

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Джерело Огляд Testseek Середній рейтинг
2011-07-30 05:17:46
Testseek has collected 19 expert reviews for Apple iMac 20 C2D-2.4GHZ 50.8 cm (20") Intel® Core™2 Duo 1 GB DDR2-SDRAM 320 GB White and the average expert rating is 82 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use Testseek to see all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
Джерело Огляд коментарів Рахунок
2011-07-30 05:16:51
How do you make Earth’s best computer even more appealing? Apple knows: jack up the spec with Intel’s latest, blisteringly fast dual core processors, give it an anodized aluminium frame, and reduce the price! Well, that’s what it’s done with the iMac a...
Good Superb screen, easy to use, unbelievably sexy.
Bad Not for gamers, can get pricey with upgrades. Lack of Bluray.
Bottom line If ever there was a gadget to illuminate the phrase "once you've had Mac, you never go back", it's the iMac.How do you make Earth’s best computer even more appealing? Apple knows: jack up the spec with Intel’s latest, blisteringly fast...
2011-07-30 05:16:53
Apple iMac The iMac gets a complete redesign and a serious injection of speed under the hood Apple has given its illustrious mid-range desktop Mac range a long-overdue remodelling and a few modest speed bumps. The new machine, like the last one, is a...
2011-07-30 05:16:59
If Carlsberg made computers, theyd probably be crap compared to Apples. Its not cheap, but its a great computer for all kinds of tasks, and its gorgeous. Swapping white plastic for aluminium while keeping roughly the same shape, the iMacs lates...
2011-07-30 05:17:14
A stunning design backed up by great performance and good value for money. For all of Apples various foibles (web ID: 110495), the arrival of a new product is often greeted with genuine excitement. Its impossible to deny the sheer quality of design...
2011-07-30 05:17:16
We have two methods to gauge the impact of a new Mac design on the public. The first is find out when our local Apple reseller is expecting stock and then talk to customers about their initial reactions. The second is to set up the new Mac in the offic...
Good Great design, Ease of use...
Bad Lacks space for video editing work...
Bottom line Choosing a video-editing platform from Apples current desktop range is a conundrum. The Mac Pro towers do provide best of class performance but for everyday video editing its a case of overkill. Xeon processors and ECC memory are a needless extrava...
2011-11-06 09:16:48
Apple has given its iMac range of desktop computers an overhaul, and most of the changes are aesthetic. The gloss white finish that has made the iMac products almost iconic has been replaced with a stunning brushed aluminium and black design and the ca...
Good New aluminium design, new keyboard, good performance, excellent included software package, built-in iSight webcam and microphone...
Bad All-in-one design means minimal upgrades, glossy display, mouse doesnt match colour scheme The Final Word The all-new iMac has been given an aesthetic overhaul and the changes are positive. Its a more than capable machine for general use, and the inc...
Bottom line The all-new iMac has been given an aesthetic overhaul and the changes are positive. Its a more than capable machine for general use, and the included iLife 08 software only sweetens the deal.
2011-11-06 09:16:49
Apples is not the first all-in-one desktop with a glossy screen, an ultrathin keyboard, and a trim profile. But unlike Sonys, HPs, and other all-in-one efforts, no other vendor comes close to Apples near seamless aesthetic. And as the new iMac desi...
Good Bestinclass design and solid feeling, Thin keyboard, More performance and features than many Windowsbased PCs, Robust iLife 08 digital media suite.
Bad No word on means of upgrading to Apples new Leopard OS when its released, Anemic phone support.
Bottom line With its super-elegant new design and a strong configuration, Apples new iMac competes with the PC desktop market better than perhaps any previous Mac to date. Unless youre a gamer or an upgrade enthusiast, we can think of very few reasons not to ma...
2011-07-30 05:17:12
Beim Apple iMac steckt der PC im Monitor. Die neueste Version ist noch schneller und flacher als ihr Vorgänger. COMPUTER BILD nahm das platzsparende 20-Zoll-Modell unter die Lupe.
2011-07-30 05:16:56
The new iMac case is made from a single sheet of aluminum. It’s about time Apple updated the iMac - but is this what we were expecting? We got what we expected with the technical upgrades, but what we didn’t expect - or, truth be told, refus...
Good Compact, stylish, slim design. Worthy performance. Innovative keyboard expands F-key behavior.
Bad Viewing angle is a bit narrow. Glossy screen produces distracting reflections. No matte screen option.
Bottom line From its new aluminum case to its speedy performance, there’s a lot to like about the new iMac. If you were hoping that the iMac’s new design would resemble an Apple Cinema Display, however, don’t hold your breath. We’re probably a...
2011-07-30 05:17:09
It may come as a surprise to some people but Apple doesn't just make sleek, shiny, spangly phones and music players - it actually sells computers too. In fact, there was a time when that was all it did. The one I've got in front of me right now was releas...
Bottom line Apple's 20in iMac lives up to the hype. It's a lovely machine to look at and to use, and even in its base spec it's fast enough for the average person and very good value too. In a nutshell, it's the best desktop computer around, though you might want to...
2011-07-30 05:17:19
A sleeker, slimmer and more productive iMac...
2011-07-30 05:17:21
The Associated Press Apple Inc. has dropped "Computer" from its name, but its computer business is still growing, even if the iPod player is the companys real star. Apples resurgence started with the first iMac, in 1998. Little by little, Apple has b...
2011-07-30 05:17:25
Email: mossbergsolution@wsj.com. Published on August 15, 2007 Print Share Sphere 1 Comment Tagged: GarageBand, Katherine Boehret, photo, desktop, iPhoto, software, screen, thumbnail, Panasonic, iWeb, iDVD, iLife, Walt Mossberg, Intel, PC, Macintosh, Y...
2011-07-30 05:17:31
The iMac gets a makeoverOut of the boxLiving the iLifeThe intersection of aesthetics and usabilityPerformanceConclusions Aluminum and glass: A review of the new iMac By Eric Bangeman | Published: August 09, 2007 - 01:21AM CT The iMac gets a makeover i...
2011-07-30 05:17:46
On paper, Apples latest iMac isnt all that radical—a processor bump, heartier graphics and better software compared with the previous model—but one glimpse of this slim, silver-and-black beauty, and it jumps right off the page. Apples m...
Good Strong performance; solid configuration; streamlined design; beautiful glossy screen; comfortable, low-profile keyboard...
Bad Doesnt include Apples forthcoming Leopard OS; Wireless input devices will cost you extra...
Bottom line Attractive industrial design, coupled with excellent features and performance, makes Apples latest all-in-one desktop a true champ...
2011-07-30 05:17:29
Nyheterna hos sommarens iMac är utseendet. Fast det har ni nog redan lagt märke till. En hel del nyheter finns på insidan också, men inget som på något sätt kör ögonbrynen i taket och hakan i golvet. Nya aluminiumskalet är något slimmad jämfört med ti...
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